Protection Detail From £120

  • *Vehicle prewashed with either snow foam or citrus based prewash
  • *2 bucket wash with lamb's wool washpads
  • *Wheel arches cleaned
  • *Wheels cleaned with PH neutral products
  • *Tar removed from vehicle
  • *Clay bar used to remove remaining bonded contaminates
  • *Paint glazed with a Rupes Bigfoot Machine Polisher to hide minor imperfections (Not correction)
  • *A high quality wax or sealant applied
  • *Door seals and rubbers cleaned and protected
  • *Interior glass cleaned
  • *Exterior glass cleaned
  • *Rain/water repellent window treatment applied to all exterior windows mirrors
  • *Tyres cleaned and dressed
  • *Stainless steel/chrome cleaned, polished and sealed
  • *Interior cleaned and vacuumed
  • *Interior plastics wiped down
  • *Final inspection
  • *We require your vehicle for 1 day
  • Prices from £120

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BrCarDetailing is a well established company with a proven track record in getting the very best out of your car's appearance. We take huge pride in our work and would be only too happy to quote for any of your detailing requirements.

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