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BR Car Detailing - About Us

BrCarDetailing was formed in 2011 with the sole purpose of bringing our expertise in car detailing to a wider audience. After spending my formative years detailing the cars of friends and family members, it was time to bite the bullet and form the company you see today.

We provide an extensive range of detailing services, ranging from complete paint correction packages, through to routine safe-maintenance washes of cars previously detailed by ourselves. All cars have the ability to look their best if looked after correctly. Simply by taking them to the local drive-in car wash won't let you achieve that.

The harsh chemicals used, the materials used and the environment they are cleaned in, not only leads to your paintwork being scratched and damaged but also drastically affects both the car's appearance and its value.

We are not affiliated with any one brand so we are at liberty to bring you the very best products from each manufacturer. We are Accredited by both Siramik Glasscoat and Titan Coatings and have access and huge experience in using their world leading range of Ceramic and Diamond based Coatings.

After all, your car is our reputation. The techniques we use will not only help to keep your vehicle looking great but will also help to bring long-lasting protection to its paintwork. All of our detailing packages can be tailored to your own specific requirements.

Every car is treated on its own merits and flaws, no two cars are alike and we treat them as such. Our expertise stems from testing different products from different manufacturers ensuring we bring only the finest quality items to the table. Having browsed our website, please feel free to contact use with any detailing queries you may have.


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