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Siramik Glasscoat is proud to be the first paintwork protection brand in the world to introduce a true diamond coating for vehicle paintwork. Over 12 months of research, testing and development have now come to fruition, and can now unleash the ground breaking technology of "Daimas Professionali".

Diamas Professionali contains aggregated diamond nanorods, sometimes referred to as ADNR's, with this we have taken liquid protection to the highest possible level, where crystal clear paintwork is the result of an optically clear coating that will not mute any metallic flake, pearl or solid colour.

It is commonly known that diamonds are the hardest material known to man, not to mention the most precious. Diamas Professionali utilizes ADNR's in sizes no greater than 3-4n, meaning on a nano scale these are used as an anchor for the coating which in turn strengthens the layer applied, giving a more stable protective barrier, as a whole ADNR's have a combined strength of which has been measured at stronger than a diamond itself.

Why is Diamas Professionali different to other coatings? Diamas differ from other coatings because of not only the chemical makeup and blend, but it's "water contact angle", with a contact angle of up to 112 degree, water moves rapidly over the surface giving superior self cleaning, somewhat similar to a lotus leaf. However this is not the only fact that sets the coating apart, as also the receding contact angle is extremely low and water will begin to slide at 20 degree angles or greater. This is where Diamas Professionali is breaking barriers within paintwork protection, non wettability through excellent hydrophobicity and sliding angles combined.

Diamonds have a high refractive index meaning light does not pass straight through, but bounces back and forth. Diamonds also exhibit fluorescence giving an appearance of multiple light sources that provide the "prism" effect, whilst the dispersion of light is only moderate the refractive index allows light to hit the paint particles, bounce back and around & not straight through, making the particular paint type outstanding in class, enhancing the particles and allowing the owner to see the true value of the paintwork beneath the protective layers.

"Diamas Professionali is a totally unique coating system and the first to ever contain aggregated diamond nanorods. When used in conjunction with Siramik APT it forms a 3 layer coating that will literally leave you speechless. Nothing has ever changed the coating world like Diamas.

Price per coat of Diamas is £175 with 2 being recommended depending on the size of the vehicle. This is excluding the costs for APT (although Diamas makes a superb stand alone coating) and the detailing services prior to application.

Diamas is only available through the SiRamik accredited detailer network

Please click the below links to view examples on our YouTube Channel.

Porsche Macan GTS SiRamik APT & Diamas

Ford Fiesta SiRamik Diamas New Car Protection Detail

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