BR Car Detailing Correction Detail

BR Car Detailing - Correction Detail
From £600

This type of detail is designed for cars with severe swirls,scratches,bird lime etchings and oxidised paintwork. It requires a high degree of skill and time to be carried out successfully.

Multiple paint depth readings are taken from each panel of the vehicle to ascertain the degree of correction that is achievable and check for any secondary repairs.

The paintwork will benefit from multiple stages of machine polishing which will result in a degree of correction and clarity you would scarcely believe possible. We generally use rotary machine polishers as in our opinion they give a far better finish than Dual Action machines.

Panel wipe used to remove polishing oils and ensure surfaces are clean and ready for the next stage. You can hope to achieve at least an 85 - 90 % degree of correction. Deeper imperfections can be wet sanded at the owners request at an additional charge.

Ceramic Coatings are generally used although the option of waxes or sealants are still available once the correction stages are completed. are then used to seal in the freshly corrected paintwork.

  • Wheels cleaned with non-acidic wheel cleaner (brake dust fall-out removed, if required)
  • Tyres and wheel arches cleaned with appropriate products
  • Pre-wash exterior of vehicle with either citrus-based pre-wash or Snow Foam
  • Two-bucket wash with lamb's wool wash mitts (including door, boot, and engine bay shuts)
  • Tar removed from vehicle
  • Iron deposits removed from the vehicle
  • Exterior paintwork clayed to remove the last of the bonded contaminants and leave paintwork ready for machine correction stage
  • Final rinse and dried with specialised drying towels
  • Multiple paintwork depth readings taken to ascertain the thickness of paint which will determine how aggressively the car can be corrected in the quest to remove surface imperfections. (Also helps to show accident repairs)
  • Multiple machine correction stages with rotary machine polishers and the appropriate pads and compounds for your car's paintwork and condition. This will help to remove scratches, swirls and bird lime etching as well as returning the gloss clarity and reflectivity to the car's paintwork
  • Ceramic Coatings or High quality sealants and/or waxes are used to seal and protect the paintwork and exterior trim. We use only the finest quality products which can be chosen by the customer should they have any preference
  • Wheels sealed with nano-based wheel sealants which will help to repel brake dust and general road grime
  • Tyres dressed
  • Interior and exterior glass cleaned
  • Interior vacuumed
  • Interior plastics and panel cleaned and dressed
  • Exhaust tips cleaned and polished
  • Final inspection to ensure the finished work meets our high standards.

Prices from £600 (Ceramic coating & Wheel removal for ceramic coating of barrels and brake calipers at additional cost)
We require your car for 3-4 days

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