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BrCarDetailing are also accredited to use the range of Titan Coatings. Including their exciting range of Self Levelling products.

Titan design and develop military grade polymers and epoxy resins which are licensed to third parties. We formulated a range of high performance coatings which were unique, durable and of hybrid nature. Having access to several hundred formulations, a handful were selected for use within the automotive industry.

Being a scientifically advanced organisation we have relationships with some of the most advanced laboratories in the UK and abroad which allows our products to undergo accelerated weathering tests as well as ISO standard tests.

We are determined and confident to become the preferred coatings choice for the very best vehicle appearance specialists across the globe.


TITAN is our revolutionary hybrid coating containing unmatched levels of pure ingredients sourced from across the globe.

Titan contains our High Performance HyperQuartz Carbon technology which creates a flexible yet hard protective layer on the applied surface creating hypergloss with incredible depth and enhanced clarity.

TITAN was engineered for paint protection, it increases surface hardness, presents you with reoccurring Hypergloss and keeps water spots at bay rather than simply being built for hydrophobicity and beading.

It was also engineered to perform like an Elastomer on a micro-scale with a superior flexibility to hardness ratio.

TITAN has a self-levelling function activated by heat that helps keep paintwork free from swirls. It is free from solvents and VOC's making it an eco friendly coating as well as being safe to use.


Zeus is our Trophy coating containing our sophisticated Carbon-Glasscoat HyperQuartz Carbon technology and is one of the most advanced coatings on the market combining both organic and inorganic chemistry with the addition of one variant of Nanorods which form part of our commercially conserved formula.

We have focused our attention on creating coatings that are flexible which ensures the protective coating can still perform under the stress of heat expansion, abrasion and extreme weathering.

Zeus can be applied on top of TITAN for extra durability, reflections and the ability to self-level.

Contrary to the belief that only harder coatings are best suited for automotive paint our lab tests have shown that harder coatings are more likely to suffer from physical damage. Our Zeus coating still performs like an elastomer which provides flexibility and hardness which allows it to provide enhanced protection, hydrophobicity and the ability to self level. Zeus was lab tested using a mitsubishi 10H pencil with zero marks visible, we believe the impact was absorbed.

Zeus creates an aesthetically pleasing candy like gloss with incredible depth and enhanced clarity as a standalone coating or on top of TITAN.

ZEUS was engineered for paint protection, it increases surface hardness, presents you with reoccurring Hypergloss and keeps water spots at bay rather than simply being built for hydrophobicity and beading.


G238 is our state of the art heat resistant coating designed for professionals looking for a high performance ceramic coating for wheels/plastics and all metallic surfaces such as engine components, under carriages and calipers.

G238 contains our carbon quartz technology which creates an extremely hard elasticated glass layer on its substrate- protecting it from UV degradation, chemical fallout, dirt, oil and grime.

G238 also has a rejuvenation feature which enhances the colour of wheels, calipers and other coloured metals which offers aestically pleasing improvements.

Our sophisticated carbon quartz technology allows the coatings cross linking nature to expand and contract under the stress of extreme heat, this allows it to further harden then return to its original form. Treated surfaces are Chemical resistant, non stick and self cleaning.

G238 is available to trade professionals only (no accreditation necessary)- to gain access please contact us to create an account.

Perfect for Professional Protection of:

  • Alloy Wheels
  • Road bike frames
  • Motorbikes
  • Calipers
  • Engine components
  • Exhaust systems
  • Carbon fibre components
  • Plastics
  • Wheel nuts
  • Rubber seals

Technical Data:

  • Heat resistant to 900c- currently testing up to 1300c
  • Zero Endocrine altering chemicals
  • Low Solvent based
  • Durability: Maximum 24 months on metallic surfaces, up to 12months for plastics
  • Thickness layer: up to 2 Microns
  • Water contact angle: 95 degrees
  • PH tolerance: 2-12
  • Hardness: Max 10H on metallic substrate
  • Consumption: 5/ml per wheel
  • Instant bonding


Ultra is our highly concentrated water based hybrid top coat, it was engineered to help prevent water spotting and prolong the life of our pro grade coatings but is suitable for all types of ceramic coatings. As an eco friendly product it is safe to the environment and highly economical- only 1 spray is required per 40cm2!

Ultra is a highly advanced top coating which can be used on all types of paint systems, wraps, ppf, glass, wheels and plastic trim. It is safe to use, user friendly, provides users with #Hypergloss and is weather ready immediately after installation.

A sacrificial layer with elastic and flexible properties is created which ensures the surface becomes self cleaning and most importantly protects the ceramic coating from degradation. It was formulated to perform in all types of climates and weather systems.

ULTRA is recommended to all end users who have had a Titan professional grade coating applied to their vehicle.

Ultra adds hyperslickness, hypergloss and provides extra water beading admired by most. ULTRA can be used as a standalone coating to add self cleaning abilities to any surface.

Perfect for Professional Protection of:

  • 9 Month paint protection- adds self cleaning abilities with zero hardness
  • PPF Protection- Gloss, Matte & Sateen
  • Matte Paint protection
  • Vinyl Wrap protection
  • Works as a sealant on Glass, plastics and wheels

Vulcan TX155

VULCAN TX155 is our revolutionary rubber membrane hybrid coating providing permanent hydrophobicity, chemical resistance and does not require any maintenance.

TX155 contains our Extreme Performance Series hydrocarbon silane technology which creates a flexible rubber like membrane when fully cured. It is an ultra-durable, chemical resistant coating, provides an ultra-slick surface and is ultra-resilient to water spotting/stains. We believe it is the pinnacle of paint protection for all surfaces, its thick consistency also allows suspended nanoparticles to penetrate micro swirls and chips.

QUV weathering results indicated 0% loss in hydrophobicity and gloss over 1500 hours.

Perfect for Permanent Professional Protection of:

  • Paint systems- Gloss, Matte & Sateen
  • PPF systems- Gloss, Matte & Sateen
  • Vinyl Wraps
  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Metals
  • Forged Carbon/Carbon Fibre

Technical Data:

  • Dual layer application
  • UV/UVB resistant
  • Solvent based
  • Heat resistance: 400c
  • Durability: Permanent
  • Thickness layer: 5 Microns – Dual layers
  • Water contact angle: 115 degrees
  • PH tolerance: 1-13
  • Hardness: Unmeasurable
  • Full curing time: 12 hours- IR Curable
  • Consumption: 30ml- Dual layers


Code Name: B1201

HYPERGLASS is our revolutionary hybrid windscreen coating containing 3 types of suspended nanoparticles of the highest quality.

Being part of our Extreme Performance Series – HYPERGLASS is an ultra-durable, chemical resistant coating- it provides an ultra-slick low surface energy with low draining angle.

Treated windscreens are hydrophobized, non-stick and provide enhanced clarity and vision.

HYPERGLASS has undergone enhanced cyclic sweeping testing up to 8000 cycles with 5% loss of contact angle from 110 ° to 104.5°.

Perfect for Professional Protection of:

  • Windscreens
  • We recommend MULTI for glass receiving low levels of abrasion

Technical Data:

  • Dual layer application
  • Solvent based
  • Heat resistance: 200c
  • Durability: 2-5 Years dependent on abrasion and chemical exposure
  • Thickness layer: 1 Micron – Dual layers
  • Water contact angle: 110 °
  • PH tolerance: 1-13
  • Full curing time: 4 hours
  • Consumption: 5-8ml- Dual layers

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